Deceased Classmates


Happy Times when we were together

hold memories that will last forever….

In Memory of our departed classmates

Click on underlined names below to view obituary.

If you know of any classmates who have passed away, know the dates, or have copies of obituaries, please contact us.

Sheila Adams


Mark Amacker


James Alan "Jim" Anderson


Lavette Baker Abebech


Mike Boolen (7/5/12)


Dana Brown


Renee Burch Harmala (9/23/12)


Roberta “Bobbi” Beaver Cooper


Tim Caldwell (4/30/15)


Jim Cardone


Robert "Bob" Cawley


Larry Chafin (7/5/03)


Jack Compton (11/14/16)


Bob Cox


Dale Damschen


Ann Denning


Gary Dennis


Glenn Eklund (6/17/17)


Debi Evans


Ed Foss (2/15/12)


Rex Gale


Richard Gana


Pam Garrett Hampton (12/23/14)


Orin Gunter


Herrell Hall (12/19/13)


Jean Ann Helgeson (5/7/13)


Doug Hughes


Dawn Kaas


Kathy Lynch Fisher (10/25/98)


Mike Kilgore (6/1/2014)


David Wayne Lawson (1/10/16)


Jan Markfelder Clayton (11/17/14)


Vic Marshall (12/17/13)


Mike McWain


Laurie Mitchell


Margaret "Margie" Mitchell


Rebecca Pederson Fitterer (3/1/13)




Phil Petty


Melodie Pierce


Susy Rathjen Whitney (2/4/17)


Timothy Lane Reining (1/10/13)


Karla Renner (4/27/16)


Chrysti Robertson (5/14/17)


Connie Richey Eshleman (3/7/13)


John Sams (Honorary)


Cindy Sanford


Bryan Smith


Art Snyder (6/21/17)


Joy Stanfield Kessel


Jim Stein


Don Twitty (5/22/14)


David Waite


Valerie Waters


Rick Weetman (1995)


Bill Woodfield


Jay Yencopal Daly (5/19/99)